• The Splatting

    The Splatting

    The Evil Mushroom Empire's fleet has just stumbled upon your most distant outpost. Defend your puny Earthling Outpost in this fast paced arcade shooter! Go!
  • Wrath of the Fungi

    Wrath of the Fungi

    Unite the mushroom clans in this colorful logic game, by destroying all but yours! Play: 1vs1, 2vs2, 2vs1, 3vs1, 3FFA, 4FFA-- mix and match human and computer opponents to your earthling desire. Go!
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  • Cyrket: Android Market Browser
    In essence, this website is a client for Google's Android Market. It should be just as up-to-date as if you were using the native client on your real device.



04/13/09 Featured on the Android Market:

A couple weeks ago Google contacted me and asked if they could feature The Splatting on the official Android site as one of the top games in its category. Well-- it's there now! Check it out!

04/12/09 Redesign:

The esteemed Evil Mushroom Empire has saw fit to purchase a design template so that you puny earthlings may better appreciate this grand and glorius site.


03/30/2009 The Splatting review by Pocket Gamer:
While a bit harsh--- we found it amusing.

"At one time, before bands were manufactured on a production line, getting stoned was the key to developing creativity. Rock bands got wasted, trashed a hotel room with their instruments, then woke up with a hit record underway. Having just played The Splatting, developed by the deliciously named Evil Mushroom Empire, I'm forced to wonder whether game design has taken a similar approach to coming up with new concepts." More...

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If you have game suggestions/comments/complaints by all means email us so that we can order our fleet to pound your dwelling into atoms first.

The Mission

The Evil Mushroom Lord has many times been stuck in a human airport bored to death with only his mobile phone. He seeks to help people in that situation. Email him with any comments you have. Did you like this game? What games WOULD you like? Sky's the limit. Evil Mushroom Lord is curious to know. (So that he may better understand the planet his empire will soon conquer.)

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