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Did you think we'd never come for you? Your most distant outpost may have discovered our invasion fleet... but will it survive our onslaught? Behold! My biogeneticaltastically engineered Splatshroom fleet will destroy your puny base before you can even send a signal to Earth! Foolish Earthling!

Build your defense from three different cannon configurations. The closest available laser to where you touch fires at the point that you touched.

You are attempting to save your base by destroying any invading splatshrooms. If they make it to the ground, the explode and the acid rises. If the acid covers one of your cannons-- it disables it.

There are three types of power ups you can use during play: Shockwave, Rapid Fire, and Laser Storm.

Enjoy, puny earthling! Oh yeah--- humans purchasing this game and supporting the Evil Mushroom Empire will be spared for a 24 hour period when we do finally invade and pillage your planet.

Just search for "the splatting" on the Android Market.



Contact Us

If you have game suggestions/comments/complaints by all means email us so that we can order our fleet to pound your dwelling into atoms first.

The Mission

The Evil Mushroom Lord has many times been stuck in a human airport bored to death with only his mobile phone. He seeks to help people in that situation. Email him with any comments you have. Did you like this game? What games WOULD you like? Sky's the limit. Evil Mushroom Lord is curious to know. (So that he may better understand the planet his empire will soon conquer.)

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